High-touch digital solutions for your small business.

Bellcurve is a one-man web design, development and marketing agency founded by Patrick Brett and based out of Melbourne.

I specialise in custom websites and sales funnel optimisation.

My values are simplicity, communication and expertise. This means I won’t keep you busy with technical details - I take care of the tricky stuff like domains, web hosting and availability so that you can focus on what matters most: your business.


Swan & Gosling
Live music bar on the Mornington Peninsula.
Will Stone
Melbourne-based fantasy author.
Microalgal Services
Environmental consultant in South-East Melbourne.
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Custom Websites

Let's face it: as we enter the 2020s, an online presence is necessary for even small, brick-and-mortar businesses.

A good website showcases the best of your business, allowing your customers to find out more about you, discover content that highlights your subject matter expertise, and even interact with your business in innovative ways. Done well, a website is like a 24/7 salesperson, only much cheaper!

On the other hand, a poorly designed website tells your customers that you don't care - about your business, the details, and them.

When it comes to getting online, there are three main options:

  1. Use a do-it-yourself editor, spend weeks trying to understand how everything works, and end up with a sub-par, cookie-cutter site that lacks uniqueness and professionalism...
  2. Shell out for a large agency likely to overcharge and treat you as a just another customer...
  3. Or work with a trusted, local professional who can not only manage everything for you at a reasonable price, but will consult with you to understand exactly what your business goals are and how to take the steps needed to achieve them.

Of course, I naturally have a strong bias towards the last one!

I have experience developing sites and web applications for a wide variety of clients: from a simple locate-and-contact-us site for a local consultancy, to a complex real-time data visualisation application for a $30 million technology company, and just about everything in between. Shoot me a message with the form below to see what I can do for you.